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With a new pregnancy announcement comes the anticipation of a shower (or sprinkle) for the happy couple. When looking through a baby registry, sometimes picking out THE perfect gift for the new baby can be a bit overwhelming. Today, I’m sharing my top 5 baby shower gifts that parents and baby will be sure to love!

1. Muslin blankets
Soft and the perfect swaddle, muslin blankets are a top gift for a baby shower. What sets muslin blankets apart from other blankets is the breathable fabric and the smooth, delicate feel of the material. These blankets are large enough that they can be used in a variety of ways, from a swaddle blanket to nursing cover to burp cloth. Aden and Anais and Bebe au Lait have adorable patterns and make the perfect gift.

2. Crib shoes
Everything is always cuter when it comes in miniature form, and shoes are no different! However, it doesn’t make much sense to put soft baby feet in restrictive, hard-soled shoes. Cue crib shoes, soft-soled shoes perfect for infants and early walkers! The flexible soles are ideal for the quick-growing feet the first few years of a baby’s life, and the adorable styles are sure to gather some ‘awwhhs’ from the shower attendees. Check out Robeez to find the perfect pair.

3. Teethers
While a mama-to-be is preoccupied with more pressing matters (like her squished bladder), a few months down the line she will be grateful for this gift when babe is cutting teeth! When shopping for a teether, you should look for those that present no choking hazard (obviously). A local company, ChubbyCheeks, sells eco-friendly wooden teethers that I love!

ChubbyCheeks Teether Baby Gift

4. Bath Supplies
Bath time is often an important bonding experience with baby and parents, and gifts that help bath time go smoothly are always appreciated. Gentle washcloths and hooded bath towels are always fun (both to shop for and gift). Hygiene products are also a hit, as they save the parents one more thing to prepare for before baby arrives. When it comes to choosing a product, though, look for baby wash and/or shampoo that is fragrance free and non-toxic. Some of the baby wash brands found on the shelves at supercenters contain harmful chemicals that could potentially cause harm to a baby. Always, always, ALWAYS check the label to ensure you are buying a safe product for your friend’s child. For a list of some of the best natural baby shampoo and body wash, click here!

5. Bandana Bibs
Rather than the run-of-the-mill bibs for infants and toddlers, gift your friend’s babe the gift of style with a bandana bib. ChubbyCheeks carries bandana bibs as well, and they have a variety of styles and patterns. Bandana bibs can be used multiple ways: As a bib to protect an outfit from the eating habits of a baby, as a drool guard for younger infants to help avoid the fifteen outfit changes a day, as a neck warmer during the colder months, and last but not least, bandana bibs can be worn simply as a fashion accessory!

ChubbyCheeks Bandana Bib Baby Gift

Soon-to-be parents have loads of things on their minds as the meeting date for their new family member inches closer. Help them out by giving them gifts for baby they will need, use, and love!

If you’re short on time or don’t live near a good selection of stores, take a look at our ready-to-gift baby gift boxes here.

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