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Looking for a baby gift? Get one that will last longer than a hot minute! Think about choosing a baby gift that promotes free play and can last through a few developmental phases.

Check out these handpicked baby gift ideas that I’ve either used with my own children; or secretly wish I had.

Bonding Dolls | Security Blankets

These have been two of my favourite things with my three kids. My oldest son loved rubbing the satin trim on the security blanket and used it for years for comfort in bed. We’ve gone through a few bunnies too!
Pro Tip – Buy two or more! One on hand, one in the wash, one at daycare, plus the one that got lost. Trust me. You want access to backups! btw, they wash well.

Baby Bonding Doll Sleep
Issie blanket baby sleep

Developmental Toys

I love wooden toys. Toys that don’t make noise on their own. Toys that are durable and non-toxic. Toys that can be used in different ways depending on the child’s current level of curiosity and adventure. The Grimm’s Rainbow is fantastic and I would gift this to every baby on my list!

Play silks are another amazing gift idea for babies. Mom and Dad can play peek-a-boo; use it as a cape; they also make for a great sensory experience.


Baby Gift Idea Grimms Rainbow
Baby Present Grimms Rainbow
One Year Old Gift Idea Play Silk Sarahs Silks

Grimm’s Rainbow & Toys

Play Silks

Melissa & Doug is one of my go-to brands for baby and toddler toys. I got a set of these SOFT pull back cars for my kids and they were a hit. They loved to watch the cars roll away on their own and if they put them in their mouth, no worries. Soft & washable. Score!

Gift idea for the baby car lover!

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