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Baby Sleep Aids

If you are a new mom, you already know that babies don’t always, well,  “sleep like a baby”.  That is why finding the best baby sleep aid is so important to help new moms and new babies get the most sleep they can in those early months.

Baby Sleep Aid Expert Recommended

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If your babies are anything like mine were, then the age old suggestion for new moms to “sleep when your baby sleeps” is not always an option. Why, because my babies just never slept.

I tried all the traditional sleep options recommended to me like skin to skin contact, infant massage and daytime light exposure. But they just didn’t seem to help.

I was an exhausted and overwhelmed mom that couldn’t find time to get enough rest. My mind was always fuzzy and my body always tired. So after my second baby, I decided I needed expert help to get my babies to sleep and get more sleep myself.

Now I recommend these six baby sleep products to everyone I know because they are the products that were recommended to me by an actual sleep expert…

…and guess what…

…they really worked.

The Best Baby Sleep Aids For New Moms

These baby sleep aids are perfect for any new mom whether you are currently having trouble getting baby to sleep or just making sure you are prepared before baby arrives.  They are safe, comforting options to help a newborn baby sleep better, therefore helping you sleep better.

1SNOO Smart Sleeper

I want to start by telling you about the SNOO Smart Sleeper because I can honestly say that this was by far the very best baby sleep product recommended to me by the sleep expert.  It is the most amazing bassinet you can imagine.  

This smart sleeper gently rocks your baby all night long and is even able to rock slightly faster when it hears your baby cry.  Watch the video below for more information about this amazing baby sleep aid by Happiest Baby.

Watch the SNOO in action or Buy SNOO Smart Sleep on Amazon

2Woombie Swaddle

Swaddling is such an important way to help your baby find comfort once out of the womb by creating the feeling that they are still actually in the womb.  This particular swaddle is safe, comforting, and super easy to use for new moms.  It helps babies sleep better by reducing the startle reflex, reducing anxiety, and imitating a mother’s touch.

It is recommended for under 16 weeks or before rolling, so usually newborn babies.

Buy Woombie Swaddle on Amazon

3Love To Dream Swaddle Up

Another swaddle that is hugely beneficial to new moms and their babies, is this swaddle by Love To Dream.  This particular swaddle is different from many others because it allows your baby to move their arms.  This swaddle is recommended to parents who say their babies don’t like having their arms bound by a traditional swaddle.

Buy Love To Dream Swaddle Up On Amazon

4Aden + Anais Sleep Sack

Do you like to be warm while you sleep?  So does a baby.  But since it is not recommended to put blankets to sleep with your baby due to SIDS prevention, the best option to help keep your baby warm while sleeping is a sleep sack.  

The one recommended to me (and my favorite) is this sleep sack by Aden + Anais.  But any sleep sack you find to help keep your baby warm will also help keep your baby asleep.

Buy Sleep Sacks On Amazon

5Yogasleep Whish Sound Machine

A sound machine is essential for helping your baby go to sleep faster and sleep longer.  Sound machines can help drown out loud noises made by older kids and pets in your home and according to one study, can possibly help your baby fall asleep within 5 minutes. [source

This particular sound machine is my favorite. It worked exceptionally well with my own kids, was recommended to me by my sleep expert, and if that is not enough, it also has 17 different sound options you can try out with your baby to help lull them to sleep.

Buy Whish Sound Machine on Amazon

6Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds help you control light and dark so you can help control your baby’s sleep cycle and duration of their sleep.  According to a study, children are more affected by light than adults. Therefore, the presence of light in a baby’s sleeping area can cause a baby to have a harder time falling and staying asleep.  [source]

These Blackout Blinds by Gro are my favorite baby sleep aid because you can take them anywhere you go.  They suction to the window and are size adjustable using velcro, meaning they can be used wherever your baby sleeps.  No more missed naps while you are at playgroup or grandma’s house.

Buy Gro Blackout Blinds on Amazon

FAQ About Baby Sleep Aids

Will a sleep aid help my baby sleep longer through the night?

Every baby is different and is likely to respond differently to baby sleep products.  But when you find the right products to help your baby sleep, they can make all the difference.  

How do you choose a baby sleep aid for your child?

Just like no two adults are alike, no two babies are alike either. Paying close attention to how your baby reacts to a baby sleep product is important.  

I recommend two different swaddle systems above for that very reason.  Some babies just want their arms to be free.  That doesn’t mean swaddling won’t work for them, just that you may have to find a baby sleep aid that works better, like the Love To Dream Swaddle Up.

What are the safety concerns associated with baby sleep products?

You should always do your homework when choosing a baby sleep aid because not all products are safe.

Be sure to read reviews and only purchase items through a trusted source.  I am confident in the products I have recommended because they were recommended to me by a professional sleep expert and they are natural sleep aids that I used for my own babies.

Comfort and Safety For A Good Night’s Sleep

While you want your baby to be comfortable, you also want to make sure they are safe when sleeping at night and during naps.  Be sure to follow SIDS Prevention Protocol to make sure all products you purchase are ideal for keeping your baby safe.

Newborn Baby Sleep Aids

Sleep is not easy for your new baby.  They are now part of a whole new world full of noises they don’t understand, cold air instead of a warm womb, and the ability to flail wildly instead of being in a confined space. 

The baby sleep products I mentioned above can help your newborn baby sleep by simulating the feeling of still being in the womb.  

From a ‘no longer tired’ mom to another, I hope these baby sleep recommendations help both you and your baby get more rest.


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