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Share The Love Baby Box was born out of a passion to create an exceptional experience for new parents. Each box contains items that are curated by an expert mom of three with a focus on supporting moms and local makers from the Waterloo Region.


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Personalize a onesie or select  from a curated collection of items to make your gift extra special.

Corporate Baby Gift Box


Ready-to-gift baby boxes for mums-to-be and newborns, with a selection of tried and tested products.

Tino-Organic-Muslin-Cream Bunny


Sharing my love of products & resources that support new moms and their babies.



Best Lovey For Baby

Best Lovey For Baby

Whether you call it a baby lovey, security blanket, blankie, or “woobie” (circa 1983 Mr. Mom), these comfort objects are a must-have when your little one has separation anxiety or trouble sleeping. They can be like little pieces of heaven for your baby or toddler,...

Favourite toddler cups and bottles

Favourite toddler cups and bottles

There are so many toddler sippy cups and bottle options out there that it's hard to decide just what to buy. If you're trying to transition your baby from a bottle to a toddler cup, it can also be tricky to find something that your baby will actually use and not just...

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